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Indoor plants

Indoor Plants. Right let's get this clear- there are no indoor plants, it’s just that some die slower than others!

So, should you try to grow indoor gardens? Yes! Please consider-

  • Dry climates aren’t helpful. Humid is better.
  • Dark is really not helpful. Place plants in locations where there is plenty of light but not necessarily direct sunlight.
  • Watering is critical. Your indoor plants will be in containers and totally dependent on you to provide their requirements- water firstly then fertiliser.

Ok, that’s out of the way so let us look at good indoor styles to buy online.
Indoor gardens consist of plants normally found in shaded environments so the feature will be glossy leaves of varying shape and colour primarily. Flowers are not usually a feature. Place taller species to the rear and shorter ones to the front and sides for a layered effect. Or simply go with small potted specimens on the bench top!
So ditch the cut flowers and add life to your house or office space with plants that will thrive indoors. 

* Learn how to care for your Indoor Plants read more via our blog page

'The quick start guide: Indoor plants'

"I've turned my house into a Jungalow, but how do I keep the plants alive?"

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